25hours Hotel, Vienna

A budget hotel shows personality: the 25hours hotel is a small idiosyncratic business card for Vienna which transports the city‘s surreal charm into its rooms. The circus theme acts like an entirely independent roof for the whole creative concept. The Circus motive runs like a thread through the interior design.

Our client: The storytellers in the hotel sector

Behind the 25hours hotel group stands Christoph Hoffman, one of the most successful pulse generators in hotel business who promotes the concept alongside his three partners. The basic principle of the 25hours hotels is that each and every house is entirely unique. Each 25hours hotel tells a different story.

Our task: A theme hotel concept capable of development

The hotel‘s location Vienna has a long, fine tradition and its hotels are known to compete with each other. Bearing the challenge to establish a new budget hotel there, the hotel had to have an attractive, independent profile. The concept for 34 rooms in a first stage had to be adaptable for future expansion without any difficulty.

Our idea: Emotions which attract

Under the family brand 25hours a local association to Vienna was to be created on the one hand, the basic principle of 25hours however had to function on the other. Our solution was to implement the basic structures for a 25hours hotel pragmatically as well as to use a surprising, emotional association with the city of Vienna. The house comes with all standards for a high-value offer in the low-budget sector and at the same time shows a completely new, a Viennese character in the 25hours hotel family.


Our creative solution: A circus as a Viennese dream world

The circus theme is a metaphor for Viennese cultural tradition - Vienna has been and still is the venue for sensations, shows, for the operetta-like, the shivaree with a folk-like impact. A circus symbolises intoxication, merging into another world and gives the guests with a highly emotional sense of identification with dream images of childhood memories. As a basis for the design concept it was necessary to handle the theme on a maximum high-class level. We placed the nostalgia of the circus heydays during the early 20th century into contemporary and modern elements of today. We used a colourful and cheerful colour concept. Authentic findings and wall paper with exclusive custom-made illustrations by the artist Olaf Hajek give each room its own impression. The bathroom lighting cites a typical artist‘s dressing room. Cage-like partitions structure the lobby. The entire house radiates in the lighthearted spirit of circus life.

Our success: Expansion in two phases underway

The emotional circus theme attracts not only the typical budget clientele but also a design-orientated target group who feel inspired by somewhat bizarre ideas. There is such a high demand for the existing 34 rooms that the hotel is now expanding by 187 rooms plus a spa, conference areas and a restaurant. There will be a third phase in which a roof terrace and bar will be added on to the eighth floor.


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