W Hotel, London

Welcoming area (reception)

Guests make their entrance underneath a disco ball cloud sculpture made of 280 disco balls. Supported by black glass walls and dynamic spots that point towards the cloud, this hotel entry becomes a dazzling room of reflections. To walk inside this hotel is like stepping into a new world. A world in which travelling is not about burning up the road, but about exploring and being carried away by your surroundings. Hungry guests start their journey at the Spice Market restaurant, which is just a glance away, left from the hotel entry.

The disco ball-cloud sculpture guides you up the first floor, where it obscures the concierge table and follows its way through the welcome area, past W Store and into W Lounge. The welcome area holds three circular pods for guest services, such as check-in and information supply. All pods have equal modular parts, but each has been stacked differently to create three unique shapes. A soft purple light supports the different shapes and shines from underneath and above each pod. From here you can take a good look around, observe other guests, visit the store or sneak a peek into the lounge area.

The hotel’s W Store is like a jewellery box with padded leather walls and all products arranged around you. The store is conveniently located near the lifts on the first floor. It has no static walls but uses three pivot doors instead, to hide the store when it is closed and invite you for a glimpse inside when it is opened. The doors contain see through windows and illuminated displays and have black leather padding with Union Jack stitching design. The store configuration doesn’t distract guests approaching the welcome area, but is an attracting feature for guests on their way back to the lifts.

W Lounge

A broad passage stretches out from the welcome area to the other side of the hotel. A grand white Union Jack cabinet separates the first section where you can pick a book to read and take a seat in the archipelago of W Lounge. The seats and lights of W Lounge appear as one common piece of land at first sight, but once you get closer they all turn out to be different hideaways. Each island has its own furnishing design and a mobile-like light object that follows the shape of the seating. The cushions, seats and stools combine traditional textiles and patterns with a modern look. This contrast of being in the same space and time but on a differently designed level, tries to comfort guests in either way. The traditional English timber flooring extends along the wall and ceiling and creates a contemporary twist with ancient material.

W Lounge bar

This is not so much about the bar; it is the 37m-chesterfield couch that defines the social landscape for guests and friends to live, meet, mingle and flirt on. Everything, including the end-grain oak flooring and gold leaf ceiling, naturally follows the winding landscape. Loose elements cut away from the chesterfield landscape, function as coffee tables and offer a platform to the cylindrical fireplaces that follow the shape of the columns surrounding the couch. The chesterfield defines an important part of British heritage and the way the columns run through the chesterfield suggests the sofa was there long before the modern building was. The lounge bar is a good place to stay at any hour of the day. A striking framework of vertical blinds can be set in different positions and creates different light scenes according to the time of the day and use of the space. A third, loose fragment cut away from the chesterfield landscape has become a golden lit bar. It transforms from a breakfast bar in the morning into a bar at which one can prepare for a wild night out.

WYLD bar

The bar and two-storey high liquor cabinet, with jewel boxes to highlight the selection of drinks, overlook great Leicester Square - heart of the London cinema land. WYLD’s interior look combines the red carpet feel with spicy red & black leather furnishings and a grand finale 3m diameter disco ball. A circular booth surrounds bespoke cocktail tables that light up in red. You can stock away glasses and ice inside its stainless steel pockets. The high level walls are covered with black sequins referring to the West End and moving according to the beat of the music. The DJ looks down onto the dancing crowd and when the music starts to play, the sequins wall opens up to create a stage. Adding to the intimacy of the space, fibre optic strings hang from the windows and create a cocoon.

Screening room

Filmmakers can use state of the art facilities to conduct their pre-screenings. The interior is devoted to the film showing and follows classic cinema arrangement with red seats and black carpet, ceiling and walls. However, when the screening part is done, details in furnishing and lighting appear. The recessed lighting profiles in floor, walls and ceiling create spectacular cubes of light inside the room. They are a graphic reinterpretation of the gold and silver strokes of the core (of the building) and go wild on the walls. The screening room holds a distinguished black velvet wall and the chairs have a subtle variation of three different red fabrics adding to the luxurious feel of a personalised screening chair.

Sweat & AWAY Spa

The Sweat is a very light and spacious gym overlooking Leicester square. It has a dark grey rubber flooring that deadens sounds and cushions steps and is comfortable to exercise, stretch or skip rope on. Guests can use Technogym sporting equipment for a good work-out while enjoying the urban view, or check their posture in a large mirror wall. If watching cartoons or sitcoms makes a better support, there are multi flatscreens on the back wall. Those who take their inspiration and motivation from an uplifting art image should point their eyes towards the side walls. Dutch photographer Marcel van der Vlugt has created two special wallpaper pieces, depicting dancers in sparkles of light. Van der Vlugt is an internationally known fashion and commercial photographer who approaches his subjects with the eye of an autonomous painter. The sparkles of the light are inspired by the disco ball cloud and extravagant WYLD bar disco ball .

Curtains of white and silver strings make a delicate entrance to the reception desk, where you can book a massage or a visit to the sauna or steam bath. Before or in between the treatments you can relax on bespoke sofas in the middle of the spa. The five treatment rooms have white leather daybeds and recessed high gloss white laminate walls with LED lighting to support any required mood. When a room is in use, the walls can be closed. When a treatment room is open (not in use), the round corners of the central relax area extend into the treatment room and create a different sense of space. Both the sauna (white space) and the steam room (black space) can be found behind the red glass doors. The red glass points out that you’re entering a hot-zone.  Three unisex cubicles combine shower, toilets and changing facilities.

Standard Guest rooms: Wonderful Room


Standard Guest rooms: Wonderful Room

Guest rooms combine a comfortable sleeping zone with a luxurious vanity area. Whether you like to dress up for the party or need a good sleep after, the rooms are made to fulfil both. A standard hotel room layout has been rearranged into the ultimate dressing room. Here, your world evolves around the vanity desk and starts with a good preparation party before shifting over to a red carpet night on West End. This room, at this location, is not just for a good night sleep. There’s far more to explore...

Dressing room area

A white monumental vanity desk with matching vanity chair has been placed central of the area as the supporting piece for dressing up activities. It provides more than enough space for displaying fashion accessories and make-up articles as well as a notebook, phone and some paperwork among other things. From here guests can read mail, listen to the music and put on a refreshing facial mask at the same time. The vanity desk has multiple pockets with chromed trays that hold amenities, stationary and a wastebasket.

Large mirror walls on both sides of the vanity area enhance the dressing room experience. One of the mirror walls plays a double role by neatly hiding the entrance to the toilet and shower cubicle. Vertical coves with purple LED lighting inside the cubicles create a soft contrast to the white but warm LED lighting that is used in most other parts of the guest room.

Another vanity feature, inspired by a traveller’s cabin trunk, is the champagne (artificial) leather and black veneer wardrobe. It combines randomly stacked boxes with one of them being the entrance to the room. The wardrobe has drawer compartments and a safe and has conveniently built-in lighting opportunities. A single sliding door, padded in champagne artificial leather, closes off the wardrobe (leaving the drawers and safe in sight) but can also be used to hide the entrance wall and create more intimacy inside the room.

Bedroom area

This area offers soft surroundings to make you feel at ease and ready to relax. Here you have a lush, high pile, brown carpet to warm feet and large curtains to cover up the normally cold walls. A shiny silver sheer curtain has been placed behind the bed and a shiny silver velvet curtain on the opposite side. The façade wall is covered by a black-out curtain and sliding panel screen with graphic print depicting a distorted image of a girl. The bedroom interior is a soft antidote to the shiny mirror walls of the dressing room area.

If a guest can’t catch sleep or feels too tired to get up, he can just stay in bed and watch late night news, music videos, his own photographs or a nice movie on the flatscreen that floats in front of the velvet curtain wall. One could also take a comfortable seat on the sofa and read a book, write a journal or have a glass of champagne from the circular minibar.

Room types: Spectacular-, Fabulous-, Cool Corner Rooms, Studio-, Fantastic-, Marvellous-, Spa- and Wow Suites

The various room types have their own layout, but are all built around the unifying concept: creating the ultimate dressing room around the monumental vanity desk: W suites have a separate entrance lobby, finished with wallpaper on one side and artificial leather padded cushion wall on the other. The wardrobe inside a suite is a bigger version of the one in a standard room and has an additional TV built-in. Guests can enjoy their favourite show while taking a shower. Various art pieces add to the luxurious feel of W suites. The larger the rooms or suites get, the closer they come to the one-and-only E-wow suite.

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