People’s Choice Credit Union

When two South Australian Credit Unions merged in late 2010, Design Clarity was asked to develop a visionary, forward-thinking design concept for the new People’s Choice Credit Union’s national store roll-out commencing in Victor Harbor, SA. The brief was to create an ‘anti-bank’ and the team went to town in revolutionalising everything we have known about ‘visiting the bank’!

Some of the anti-bank design elements are things you’d not expect to find in your typical bank; coffee machines; communal lockers; umbrellas and trolleys available to borrow by members and iPads for kids to draw electronic pictures on.

The Design Clarity team produced an innovative concept that focussed on the visual segmentation of the space into three zones; a personal, a communal and an unconventional social strip as the core of the design. The Credit Union’s new brand colour green, is the main focus of the social strip which includes everything from green faux turf to green light fittings and even living money plants.

The personality of the brand is expressed in every detail of this social zone by incorporating communal tables where members can rest and relax while their children are painting electronic pictures on iPads. It is a fresh, bright and welcoming atmosphere that is perfectly aligned with the Credit Union’s new brand.

A floor-to-ceiling plywood wall creates the communal strip which hosts the more bank-orientated functions such as tellers and foreign exchange desks. Including booth seating for semi-private meetings, Design Clarity was able to extend the innovative concept way beyond the traditional service of the past. The personal zone includes distinctive red, white and charcoal colours with plywood 3D lettering and timber pencils that pop out of the wall to convey to the public the Credit Union’s new approach to communication.

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