ImageNet Houston

From office automation to home construction to digital printing and beyond, the companies of ImageNet America share common characteristics. First, they exist to serve customers with excellence and devotion and contribute to their success and happiness. Second, the key to accomplishing that is providing long-term opportunity, support, and a great working environment for their associates, many of whom have risen to management and even ownership roles in its various companies.

The designers had previously worked on three other projects for the client but this was their first ground-up project for them. They sought to bring economy, relevance to business,  memorable images/personality and expandability to the project.

The client required an equipment showroom, two video conference rooms, a sales area, management offices, a secure inventory area and technical support area for machine repair.  The building was to allow for expandability and incorporate the signature recycled “paper wall” into the project.

Architectural Concept:

8½ x  11.   11 x 17.   A house of paper.   Rods and shadows.   There is hot   stillness   and Morning sun.   Bring in a breeze.   Turn Chaos into order.   Use Walls that grow,   binding,   stacks,   pages.   Consider The shadow as duplicate.   Living in “reams”   with Light burning letters onto the page.   Passing through the cool   between 2 pages   shadow painting.   Messages   and Language.   A building as a book . . .with pages and memorable thoughts.   Words of History   or independence   or conviction   or new ideas   formed in concrete.   Don’t forget a bookmark   and the same page over and over...   Let the architectural form be the spirit...   Engage.   Receive and deliver   countless messages   and 1 bold idea.   Repeat . . .

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