Cushman & Wakefield Ltd. Northeast Office

Cushman & Wakefield is a global provider of commercial property and real estate services. Their North American mandate was to establish a new national standard for their office environments with a commitment to a targeted LEED CI Silver designed facility.

With Westparks+Associates experience of working on LEED facilities, programming, planning and consulting with real estate professionals, they were hired to help determine the building choice and envision the interior of the 1,210 m2 office. 

As leaders in workspace knowledge, Westparks worked with the Cushman & Wakefield team to review and identify the key issues for their business units, manage a focus group to confirm and identify driving principals for the final successful, dynamic environment. WP+A was instrumental in transforming a status quo – corporate build out model, to a LEED-driven concept and long-term change in corporate philosophy.

Collaboration, technology, flexibility and LEED decisions drove the planning direction, while the commitment to a smaller footprint and occupancy cost were central to all final global approvals. Creating a neutral architectural palette and introducing simple elegant materials, the completed environment respects their corporate identification and branding.

The boardroom and lounge are the only large build outs on perimeter glass, thereby allowing all associate workstations to be on window. The 30% build out of all enclosed offices and meeting rooms is deliberately placed to ensure seated exterior views and daylight, with at least one full wall of each space encased with full-height demountable glass and sliding barn doors. All build out is defined with a dropped drywall bulkhead and accent lighting that becomes the visual thread defining enclosed space to the larger open environments.


The project at 3100 Steeles Ave., Markham sets the precedent for Canada. Access to daylight and views for over 95% of the occupied space helps create the spaciousness, identified energy and lighting efficiencies. All functional lighting is on motion sensor and task lighting augments the overall lighting grid.  The established LEED philosophy became the precursor and driver for panel heights, office build out and all material/product selections.

The Cushman & Wakefield vision was to create an environment that best represented the pride, success and knowledge that exists within their organization. The Cushman & Wakefield facility has become the industry statement for drawing new team members into their business and with Westparks +Associates vision, the stunning environment has become an integral story to their associates, clients and consultants.


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