Mulberry Headquarters


Mulberry worked with Universal Design Studio, who also created its 50 New Bond Street flagship store concept, to construct a space that suits the brand’s commitment to heritage and traditional craft, as well as its affinity for innovative design and a touch of English brand eclecticism. The brief was to create a suitable, functional working space for a unique fashion brand, and not a dry ‘office’ environment.

Spaces are open and organic, and reflect a mix of natural, low-key textures with innovative space and light elements. The entire building has been designed to reflect light and a welcoming, open ambiance. The reception floor features a glass wall with views out to the courtyard, and an atrium view down to the basement lounge café.

The range of materials used in the design and furniture is restrained; focusing on warmth and authenticity to complement the spacious, contemporary layout. This natural material palette creates a flexible, neutral backdrop from which Mulberry artwork and branding installations can stand out, and change to correspond with each fashion season.

The design of each floor creates empathy with the architectural conditions already in place, such as the pitched roof, exposed steel trusses, full-height sash windows and double-height arched windows. These elements inspired a different ‘character’ for each area, rather than bland uniformity throughout. Office floors are arranged to encourage communication between teams, and black raw-steel furniture items consolidate storage and provide a visual anchor for the open plan work area. The new London headquarters are inherently very Mulberry; playfully British in spirit, organic, joyful, and authentic and with a history of craft and tactility.

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