Enlightening Garden

Established in 2006, Detour is the annual flagship programme of Hong Kong Ambassadors of Design, aimed at showcasing Hong Kong as a regional creative hub and featuring inspiring designs from Hong Kong’s young and emerging creative talent. Detour engages the wider community and brings the entire city together to celebrate the synergy of local and international creative ventures.

For two weeks from November 25 to December 11, 2011, a series of events at the Detour Art Installation celebrated  the most original, bold and stimulating ideas from Hong Kong and across the globe at the former Police Married Headquarters on Hollywood Road, Hong Kong.

The installation responded to the theme ‘Useless / Use-less’.  According to Detour, people in Hong Kong produce a large amount of waste every day which we do not pay any attention to.

One common discarded item is found everywhere - in kiosks, convenience stores, and local restaurants.

This is the drinking straw.

Why do Hong Kong people like to use drinking straws? Is it because of hygiene? Do people all around the world use these to drink water or a soft drink? It is strange that Hong Kong people treat drinking straws as a necessity in daily life. So attention was paid to this tiny item as a potentially interesting and unique material to develop for an art installation. In addition, this is imbued with the symbolic meaning of life and the material was reformed and illuminated as an object emerging in new life.

The plastic bottle, bottle cap and straw were separated and applied in different sections to create a garden atmosphere. As shown in the perspective, three big straw trees were illuminated by optic fiber to create a bright and enlightening tree.

The garden is not created by the designers only. All visitors contributed to this as every visitor was provided with a set of plastic straws to create their own ‘plant’. Each unique ‘plant’ was displayed in the bottle field to colorize the whole garden. This participation design helped visitors understand how the ‘useless’ can be transformed into ‘useful’.

From the beginning of the project till the end of the event, the whole space was filled by unique plants made by visitors.

此展覽作品曾放置於香港DETOUR 2011, 位於前已婚警察宿舍的展場內。

空間設計的概念回應是次的展覽主題 “Useless / Use-less”, 以多種日常生活中不顯眼,又經常被浪費掉的物料構成,當中最重要的成分就是塑料飲管。這類廢棄物其實都可以很容易在垃圾筒,便利店和餐廳所得。但這種方便卻引起了我對它在使用上的一個疑問。就是爲甚麽香港人對塑料飲管的需求特別高? 在我觀察所得,衛生就是最主要的原因。可是相對於世界上其他的國家和地區,香港人的確已經把飲管當成他們生活上的必需品。所以在這次展覽中,我以這種獨特和具潛力的物料作為作品的主體部分,希望透過給予新生命的方法可以激發起每位參觀者的反思。

作品名叫 “Enlightening Garden”。在這個公園中我把塑料瓶,瓶蓋和飲管分開處理,幷把每個部分安排於一個新的位置,以建構一個人造的塑料公園。公園主要由三棵飲管樹組成,而飲管樹的結構則由光纖和瓶蓋相互交織組合而成。包紮在外和帶有顔色的飲管則因光纖而變得相當耀眼和色彩斑瓓。


地形上亦”種植”了不同的花,每朵花都由不同的參觀者用飲管弄成,使這個花園能每日不斷地”成長”,至最終整個”Enlightening Garden”由每一位參觀者完成了。

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