Cogeco Headquarters

The city of Trieste is among the world’s most important ports in the coffee market. Cogeco works as intermediary between raw goods and coffee roasting plants. The interior renovation underlined two distinguishing factors which characterize the firm: worldwide commercial relationships and the fact that Cogeco provides specific knowledge and lab tests. These points were brought out in the entrance lobby and in the proof and taste laboratory room.

The lobby of Cogeco is characterized by a multi-layered folded wall featuring an abstracted map of the globe. This hosts a series of “exotic” coffee names from all over the world, and a chemistry formula for caffeine in the corner as evidence of specific knowledge. Thus, one is immediately transported for a quick ride around the globe besides having a clear statement of the company’s know-how.

The proof and taste lab is where the company tests raw goods in order to provide a certificate of quality (roasting, checking dimension and smell, tasting etc), and where most commercial deals are made. Coffee sample bags are exposed on a colored shelf marking the perimeter of the room, while one of the proof tables hides the ‘spitting pots’. The space is again dominated by a very detailed Goode Homolosine projection of the world indicating the origin important coffees, thereby adding a visual layer to the proofing experience.

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