Kuoni Flagship, Amsterdam

With a room height of 4.5 metres, Amsterdam set clear parameters for a very unique interior concept. The Kuoni look here is a mix of specially developed designs and authentic finds.

Inspired by the large-scale glazing we came up with the idea to make a shelf system, a so-called mood wall. The mood wall equals an over-sized, 12 by 4.5 metre showcase, which shifts the inspirational area partially to the outside. That way, shoppers capture Kuoni's creative image even when just passing by. The concierge desk is made of rattan wicker which creates a warm and exotic atmosphere. We chose triangular-shaped consulting tables which makes planning a trip with the customer easier across a corner. Two large silk lampions hanging over the tables accentuate the area. There is a separate room which is ideal for events for up to 30 persons. The two VIP rooms, a special feature at the Amsterdam flagship store, are entirely in the spirit of Kuoni's premium positioning as they offer a highly private atmosphere for planning journeys.

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