iLVE @ DesignEX 2011

“The combination of ultra-modern architecture and the traditional Italian ILVE product range captured the passion and essence of the ILVE brand like never before”
Daniel Bertuccio (Marketing Manager), ILVE Australia.

ILVE’s brief was for ESG Creative to design a space that would enable visitors to immerse themselves in the world of ILVE. ESG Creative was challenged to create an award-winning space that would be unique, attention-grabbing, and engaging.

Inspired by Tokyo’s bold fashion store architecture, ESG Creative chose to design a towering ‘cube’ architecture that expressed ILVE’s unique personality of style, glamor, and sexiness. The exhibit space itself was designed with a circuit layout that would encourage visitors to enjoy live cooking performances at the heart of the exhibit space whilst surrounded by ILVE products displayed along internal walls. Multiple entry points and translucent pink windows enticed exhibition visitors to catch a glimpse of the activity inside and to enter the ‘ILVE World’. A sleek backdrop of black textures and piercing pink color accents set the tone for the high impact, ‘nightclub’ themed space that featured upbeat music and aromatic taste experiences alongside a showcase of their latest high performance appliances. The striking pink and black color scheme reinforced the sexy attitude of the ILVE brand whilst veils of color, light and shadow created depth and intrigue through the application of vertical black ribbon drops that lined the external facade of the layered cube architecture.

There is no doubt the dynamic use of color expressed a youthful attitude in line with ILVE brand values, however it is also worth noting that the bold color palette acted as a functional device, critical to the overall success of the exhibition stand. For instance, the pink doorway identified the entry, the pink translucent windows framed the view inside or out and the pink illuminated kicker highlighted the visitor pathway. Black on black textures were used to maximum effect, creating depth, contrast and visually communicating the brand’s key statement, ‘Get Lost in the Moment’.

The overall result was a multi-sensory experience that brought ILVE’s brand positioning statement, ‘Get Lost in the Moment’ to life. The stand won best stand over 70 sq. m. at designEX 2011, setting a new benchmark for exhibition design within Australia.

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