Royal Ceramica Stand @ Cevisama 2012

Royal Ceramica, an Egyptian manufacturer of ceramics and market leader in the Middle East, took part in Cevisama 2012, Valencia, with the aim of reinforcing perception of its brand and collections in the overcrowded European market. With this intention, the company asked Paolo Cesaretti to design a 250 sq. m. booth with a distinctive identity. The Milanese architect and designer was retained due to his extensive experience of design and communication in the ceramic industry. Marazzi USA, Ragno USA, Hatria Marazzi Group, Gardenia Orchidea are among his clients and he has recently been the brand communication art director for Ragno Marazzi Group.

The stand design outlined the philosophy of Royal Ceramica, made of European aesthetic tiles based on an eastern attitude and characterized by remarkable decorative products in a full range of sizes and variations.

Interpreting this dual identity, the designer’s main idea was creating a contemporary - in means of lines and volumes - pavilion incorporating finishes/textures/patterns and actions of the grand and mysterious Arab world as perceived by foreigners. In addition, the stand design focused on some of the company’s collections that consist of natural colors and finishing interrupted by elegant, luxurious details. The stand design engaged this sensibility that exemplified the Royal Ceramica way of thinking, acting and manufacturing.


Achieving a highly personal and emotional effect, the stand suggests the image of a luxurious contemporary environment. On the floor, marble motifs in shades of brown are echoed on the reflecting patterned walls. The light is diffused and the general atmosphere is similar to a hotel lobby. A random composition of reflective perforated ceiling panels filters light from above in a play of shadows with an oriental flavor.

The agora - a gathering space and/or assembly in ancient Greek - is a strategic point in the Royal Ceramica world. Welcoming, meeting and conversing with the clients are the core of their business philosophy. This attitude became a main concept: a protected and isolated yet visible and open-to-all meeting space that took shape as an ellipsoidal lounge area bounded by a luminescent curtain of metal chain with the center marked by a huge chandelier made from copper tubing. The three kilometers of metal chain curtain is solid enough to create a clear and indisputable boundary and simultaneously light enough to move in a slow and smooth way the moment you cross it. This ‘medusa-like’ form - characterized by its shining movement - serves the dual purpose of a calling space that invites you to enter while simultaneously providing a certain degree of privacy when you are inside. Additionally, the subtle sound produced by the movement of the curtain highlights the sense of entering a different space.


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