Miele Australia @ Grand Designs Live 2011

“The stand is three times as big as the one in the UK; it’s completely brilliant, absolutely beautiful.”
Kevin McCloud, Grand Designs Live 2011

ESG Creative designed a stylish brand environment that embodied Miele’s premium market position and was reflective of the ‘Elevated Living’ theme. The Miele stand was designed to be a brand-driven backdrop – understated design that reflected the brand without becoming the hero.  An area that was undeniably ‘Miele’ in character, yet subtle enough to allow ample product display, interactive demonstrations, private discussions and enjoyable customer interaction.

All components of the stand were reflective of the brand qualities - elegant aesthetics, fit-for-purpose material selection, layout functionality and an undoubtedly Euro-centric feel.

A three meter aisle through the center of the stand was cleverly incorporated into the design to become the main entry point and also created the appearance of a single stand instead of two smaller stands. Power and water requirements demanded a 150mm raised floor however the VIP lounge was raised even further to express the ‘Elevated Living’ brand message.

Over 108 Miele appliances were displayed on the stand, including fully functional appliances for the live demonstration kitchen. Joost Bakker (sustainability guru and creative visionary), worked with the ESG Creative team to create a vertical herb garden, a living supply of herbs used for the cooking demonstrations throughout the show.


Styling was heavily influenced by the latest European kitchen trends with strong sustainability and environmental references. The objective was clear: minimize the use of virgin materials by designing for dematerialization and re-use. The ceiling and wall structure were constructed in the lightest possible manner, thereby reducing trucking requirements and material usage. The ceiling and wall panels were made of re-usable fabric stretched over an aluminum frame. Rigged truss was used to suspend and fully support the main archways thereby eliminating the need for any additional ground-based structural support.

With a multi-show program in mind, walls and display elements were designed to be both modular and flat-packed to reduce transport volume and ensure future layout flexibility. Materials were selected for their longevity, re-use and ongoing premium appearance. Flooring consisted of plywood, aluminum, natural timber and white melamine, all sustainable and reusable. Split batten paneling was used for easy installation, removal and re-use.   Two-pack paint finishes were selected for premium appearance and durability while transport friendly and wear resistant Hi-max was selected for bench tops. All furniture, lighting, truss structure, floor system and decorative elements were rental items. 

General Manager of Marketing at Miele Australia, Gabriella Franklin, described the event as, ‘a great success setting a new benchmark for the company’. The design principles applied underscore Miele’s commitment to design consistency and product longevity. The result is a zero-waste stand which will be re-used for several years without dating, not unlike the Miele products themselves. 


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