Hilton Hotel, Chennai

A city of contrasts and diversities, Chennai is the forth-largest city in India. The cultural heritage of this city provides a rich backdrop for the gateway to India in the south.  Traditional Tamil Hindu and European (including Portuguese, Dutch and British) influences coexists- here the past is able to live side by side with the present while industry looks to the future.  Our design captures this rich confluence of tradition, culture while paying homage to the Mid-Century Modern aesthetics that was so prevalent when Hilton Hotels started in the last century.

Upon entering, traditional Tamil carving inspired stone inlay pattern on the floor leads guests from the entrance through the circular lobby formed by beautifully contemporized Jali screen suspended from above. Guests arrive to a set of very stylized registration desks done in exotic stone. Serene pools of water on either side of the lobby provides a sense of respite for also the adjacent lounge/café, which is also designed to evoke a sense of luxury and elegance from a past era while providing a fresh new attitude. A distinct sense of place and timelessness is conveyed in the space and it activates the ground floor as a place to linger.

Similar Mid-Century revival approach is adopted throughout all spaces from signage design to the ballroom chandelier. This is especially evident in the typical guestroom design as our team custom-designed every piece of furniture and furnishings to strike the perfect balance between the past and present to create the most sophisticated and luxurious room. The artwork over the bed was conceived as part of the interior architecture to inject a sense of place. It integrates a mirror with a panel upholstered by a variety of randomly selected local silk stitched together so it would appear differently in every room.

The spa level is a tranquil respite that the guest is drawn to from the moment they reach the elevator lobby.  Wood planking lined with polished white river stones mark the departure top the spa and fitness experience. The entry is lined with frosted glass stepped wall sconces.  Locker rooms with yellow onyx accents provide sauna and steam as well as small plunge pools.  Private treatment rooms and an outdoor relaxation areas with soothing fountain are additional amenities provided for the guests.  The roof terrace also creates and opportunity for an outdoor juice bar and private cabanas which line the pool area.  This space can be an active lounge that will be relaxing during the daylight as an oasis as well as an exciting candlelit roof top lounge in the evenings.


Overall the Hilton Chennai will be a new mark for Hospitality in the region-showing respect to the unique location in the crossroads that is the city and surrounds of Chennai while capturing the modern freshness that the hospitality industry has pushed to the forefront with design.
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