Encuentro Guadalupe Antiresort

Endémico- Resguardo Silvestre consists of 20 bungalows “luxury camping hotel” with a pool area and a winery/cooking school set in a 40 hectares of gorgeous land. The winery is called Encuentro Guadalupe which besides winemaking with the help of a Napa Valley enologist will house a restaurant and the kitchen.

Tthe view from the pool area is something out of the Hollywood hills and evoks the old movie set glamour and views.

The bungalows have an outdoor terrace with seating area and a kiva or clay chimenney and two million stars above make the main show at night plus the vineyards below during the day.

All 20 bungalows have a minimal carbon footprint sine units were produced in Mexicali (30 minutes from valle de Guadalupe) and moved/ transported to Valle de Guadalupe and just plugged to electricity, water, etc. Endémico is super eco- friendly and organic and sustainable.

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