Ben Sherman

Briefed to build on the brand’s heritage of British modernism and to promote the quintessential Ben Sherman product – the shirt, Brinkworth has created a store concept inspired by the recognisably British environments of pubs and tube stations, that emphasises the brand’s identity, and highlights the material quality and detail in the product.

Inspired by warehouse aesthetics and Victorian working environments, the Carnaby Street frontage features glazed brown bricks, utilitarian black and white tiles and a dynamic, interactive window display. The Brinkworth-designed, customer controlled moving rail system selects a specific shirt and mechanically enables the viewer to examine the product in detail and from all angles. Reeded glass has been installed around the display, offering a diffused view into the store while creating a window of clear glass to highlight the rail system.

Internally, the aesthetic continues, with imagery that is locally referenced but globally recognised as British. Concrete flooring is installed throughout with oak herringbone floorboards and monochrome tiles used to highlight specific areas.  Walls are covered in authentic Victorian underground tiles, complete with moulded dado rails and curved corner pieces, or made of traditional, teapot brown, bricks.  This limited material and colour palette establishes a strong brand character while creating a muted backdrop on which to display the product.

The ceiling has been painted but left exposed, and architectural ceiling lamps create a pathway to the rear of the store, where the feature area, a “shirt deli”, is delineated by a change in flooring to white hexagonal mosaic with black detailing. Designed to give prominence to the shirts and to allow salespeople space to personally present the product, the shirt deli comprises wall-mounted and underlit mid-floor display units, a specific site to exhibit a “shirt of the week” and includes interactive displays.


At the top of the stairs, leading to the basement, a wall has been created by encasing rolls of original Ben Sherman fabric in glass this highlights the heritage of the brand and adds pattern and colour to the interior. This is repeated around the fitting rooms in the basement, which is primarily reserved for displaying formalwear and utilises the materials and finishes used on the ground floor.

Brinkworth Associate Director Murray Aitken says: “As well as the great British heritage of the brand, we wanted our design to reflect the time, effort, commitment and detail that are inherent in the Ben Sherman product; so we’ve created an environment that allows for total immersion in the product, a dynamic sales method that adds an extra level of brand storytelling.  We’ve created an identity that has a foot in the past, but looks to the future, embracing technology.”


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