The brief was to create a new type of “social destination” for the island of Mahe – a space that transforms from a family restaurant to a nightclub at a flick of a switch – catering to a wide audience from local residents to itinerant tourists.

The space had to be colorful and approachable yet sleek and modern. It had to address the client’s love of boats as well as respond to its marina surroundings.

The challenge was to create and execute a design with almost non-existent local materials and scarce building and crafting skills. Its building scheme had to be simple. A high level of salinity was to be considered in the choice of materials and furniture. Tropical heat and strong easterly winds determined the placement of various zones in the establishment.

The result is an interior that encapsulates its marina surroundings and celebrates the underwater life of the Seychelles. A sculptural shoal of 8,000 stainless steel fish-like pieces leads you from the entry to the main space where it culminates in a massive swirling element hanging from the coral inspired decorative beams above the bar. With detailed lighting designs, the entire space changes from daytime resort chic to a vibrant bar scene.

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