Skip Stop House, Marylebone

Skip Stop House is a multi-unit developer project in Marylebone, two existing buildings combined to form commercial units on the ground level and four individual flats with a mansard roof extension above. DH Liberty was asked to find architectural language to combine the buildings in a creative way. Our solution was to blur the boundaries of the two adjacent buildings and create Skip-Stop units which offer both lateral and vertical spaces. The circulation strategy would accommodate entrances at every other level keeping the horizontal spaces as social program and the vertical spaces as circulation and private program.

The relationship between the vertical and horizontal program are veiled by juxtaposing industrial materials with different material transparencies to create a luxury living space. Industrial black mesh screens lit with feature lighting create an emphasis on the verticality of the space within the stairwells. Simultaneously, this verticality is broken by translucent-etched glass creating a blurred boundary between the shower and stairwell zones. By juxtaposing old and new materials in addition to the different screens of translucency, DH Liberty explored ways of heightening the user’s experiences.


The demolition process revealed a building rich with layers of history, existing walls covered in old wallpaper, tiles and brick. DH Liberty decided to tell the story of the buildings historical features through framed "windows" of new construction and leaving existing walls exposed. The exposed walls become a unique language; an extra layer atop the design strategy, speaks to the unique character of the building. In a Master Bedroom, an exposed brick wall acts as a headboard for a bed. In the living rooms, existing fireplace flues historically covered in wallpaper are re-fitted with a modern gas fireplace to create a feature wall with the exposed wall above.

DH Liberty wanted to create spacial graphics within the building to provide contrast to the industrial and luxurious texture of the flats. Our hand-blown lighting pendants provide a contrast to the black mesh and white walls by dropping delicate glass objects throughout the space. The pendants are decorated by delicate twisted brass and gently wrapped around organic pear-like shapes which are hanging from black, braided silk ropes.


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