The latest member of the IQ family, Nevel is dedicated to casual yet sophisticated dining on the shores of the IJ waterway in the Westerdok neighbourhood in Amsterdam. Its name, which translates as ‘mist’ in English, bridges the gap between the location on the water and the raw, honest appeal of renowned chef Ricardo van Ede’s cuisine.

The choice of interior finishes and materials was inspired by ‘misty’ forest scenes, which come back in large-scale photographic wall prints inside the restaurant. Fixed and loose furniture is featured in shades of white, elegant whitewashed oak and white carrara marble to emphasise the lightness of the space, while brass hardware for shelves and rails set sophisticated tones. In reference to the dark underbrush, the floor is covered in a parquet of smoky, oilstained wood.

The open and flowing space is divided into a dining area along the waterfront, a white bar in the rear and a slightly elevated communal table with an adjacent wine room.

Two curated full-height display cabinets structure the dining area with its brasserie-type set-up. The shelves feature the chef’s signature chutneys, jams and pickles in glass jars along with oils and herbs. Together with the green metallic decorative pillows this is the only colour ingredient in the design, while also giving the clean environment a persona ltouch. Simple detailing of the connection joints reveal the cabinet’s modularity and enables easy removal for large events. Large conic white lamps provide an evenly illuminated false ceiling in a symmetrical pattern. Randomly undulating wolfram bar-bone bulbs bring warm accents to the atmosphere. 

The communal table is raised one step to provide a view of the river from deeper within the restaurant. Sitting on the long leather bench guests experience the protection of the brass-framed niche while overseeing the entire restaurant at the same time.


Allocated in the rear, the bar becomes a true destination to grab a drink in the cosy warm seats under brass ball pendant lights. The bar top is in white carrara marble, deep enough for dining, and the bar block is vertically covered in whitewashed scaffolding. High whitewashed tables with brushed brass legs invite casual dining between the third photographic wall print on one side and the waterfront view on the other. Vertical whitewashed scaffolding on all walls around the bar create a rural statement, highlighted by the brass rails which display large blackboards with the chef’s daily choice and accommodate the menus. All technical installations for the bar are positioned within the counter volume to create clear views and a sense of light.

A metallic gold sheer curtain that can be closed for special events separates the wine tasting room from the main restaurant. Full-height mirrors on both short sides make the room look endless, and the wine shelves infinite. With the curtain closed, this space is fully separated, filtering out exterior influences.


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