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Café Pause, a popular café and meeting place in the heart of the Stuttgart suburb Ostfildern was to be given a new look and direction following a change of leaseholder. The town of Ostfildern, the owners of the building, wished to establish a space in which café meets culture. The café redesign should thus enable its use for small concerts by a nearby music school or cabaret shows. The new tenants on the other hand wished to realise their concept for high-end bistro food, reflected in a sophisticated interior design.

The new interior design combines modernity with a cosy feel to ensure the café can address a broad target group. Various seating options are grouped around a central bar, thus catering to different seating requirements and differing scenarios throughout the day. The diner-style seating niches along the street window have a more intimate character, whereas the bar tables and more freely aligned seating at the opposite end represent an open coffeehouse-style ambience. The most striking element is a circumferential, upholstered bench that encompasses two existing columns in the centre of the space. The free seating along the façades can be moved to make space for a temporary stage or free the way to the terrace in summer.

The walls around the central bar are clad in whitened maritime pine boards, which is also used for the sides of the diner seating and the shelves above the bar. The bar counter with its sophisticated mix of white marble and brass strips set in concrete claims centre stage in the space. Its rear wall of blue and ochre tiles gives the space its overall colour scheme. The colour scheme is continued across the upholstered wall panels, the wall colour in the downward stairway and the seat upholstery.

The new Café Pause is a flexible, atmospherically contained space, which functions beautifully as a café, but also as a bar and event location. The material and colour concept includes and reinterprets such classic coffeehouse elements as brass and wood panelling. 

Café Pause是一家坐落於斯圖加特市郊歐斯特菲爾德(Ostfildern)市中心的餐飲店,在當地家喻戶曉。易主之後,這家餐飲店將以全新的面貌和經營特色接待新老顧客。歐斯特菲爾德市政府是該店的房東,他們表達願望,希望除去餐飲服務之外,還能將其塑造成為當地一個開展文化聚會活動的場所。具體來說,這間咖啡館要為距離不遠的音樂學校和曲藝演出提供小型活動的平台。而這家店舖的新主人則希望藉此實現自己的高尚快餐理念,這一理念當然也要在店堂設計中有所體現。



新的Café Pause以靈活、豐滿的店堂設計使顧客不僅能夠享受咖啡的樂趣,而且又獲得了一個酒吧約會和舉辦活動的新去處。黃銅和木板等經典的咖啡館元素在特有的材料和色彩配合下如魚得水,重獲新生。

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