CARAT Glassware

KAYIWA’s New Gravity-Defying Glassware Redefines Modern Drinking Culture

Carat is a collection of elegant, stemless drinkware designed to strike a balance between a stylish shape that is comfortable to hold and one that enables the best possible olfactory perception.

One glass, endless possibilities

Elegant enough to combine with formal dining settings yet durable and simple enough for everyday use, Carat glassware is suitable for every cold beverage – from cocktails to fine cognac, from juice to red and white wines, or even just for water. The diamond shape of the glasses allows them to be held in different positions, which can be varied according to the drinker’s preference or the type of beverage it contains.

Without a stem or sham, Carat’s equiangular and equilateral polygon form is designed to rest on any of its many sides. When in this inclined position, the glass increases the surface of the liquid exposed to air, enhancing aromas and allowing for oxygenation of fine spirits. The Carat collection also includes a multifunctional wine bucket that can chill both standard and magnum-sized bottles but can double as a unique flower vase.

Not to worry, this revolution in glassware will not topple over. Its innovative design includes details to make it virtually spill-proof, which makes it ideal even for picnics. When pouring contents, the glass is held vertically, and the top of the K logo indicates the absolute maximum volume to prevent the contents from spilling when set down.

Each flat plane enables the vessel to stay in position, but the edges are close enough that, when placed on a flat surface and given a gentle tap, the 24 Carat sides will spin on the central cone. This feature is ideal, for instance, for stirring and releasing the flavor and aroma of whiskey, as the motion simulates the rotational movement you would make with your hand while holding an ordinary whiskey glass.

Timeless style

Fluid and elegant, bold and functional, the pure geometry of the Carat collection has a style that transcends the trends of the moment. It blends aesthetics and practicality into a distinctive creation that sparks conversation and adds something extra to every occasion. Carat’s glittering facets enhance the colour and movement of the liquid’s reflections and accentuate the contents in a lively and sensuous way – whether it is wine, water or flowers.

In addition to clear, Carat is also available is several hues and finishes.

Modern design, traditional craftsmanship

Carat’s design philosophy is to challenge the traditional thinking around drinkware. Strikingly simple in form, Carat is a glamorous yet practical serving option that may become the new standard for essential barware.

This project embodies Kayiwa’s enthusiasm for the revival of artisan skills as Carat is handcrafted in Riihimäki, the renowned glass-making capital of Finland. Passing through a total of seven craftsmen and taking hours to create and perfect, each piece in the collection is one-of-a-kind. The handmade nature of these glasses creates the subtle variations and delicate character of the new Carat.

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