The Atelier Collection


The Atelier Collection by Mosaïque Surface & BlazysGérard is a vibrant homage to the fashion industry; a tribute to its creators, their muses, techniques and craftsmanship.

Strong French Art Deco influences are well rounded by the use of various natural stones, Venetian glass and intricate metal inlays; it’s a daring play on textures and scale.

Playful yet formal, it proposes a variety of timeless patterns in harmony with the architectural approach of its creators.

Stylish and elegant, the Atelier collection signed by BlazysGérard, is the fruit of a first collaboration with Mosaïque Surface.


Recently launched in Montreal, the collection is now available in the largest cities of the World through a plethora of prestigious distributors such as Waterworks, Ann sacks and even locally at Surfaces and Co.

It is also important to mention that the Kenzo pattern recently made it as a finalist in the Best of Year Awards organized by Interior Design Magazine. Over 400 different floorings and patterns were submitted in the Best Flooring category, 3 made it as finalists.

The Atelier collection required over 6 months of research and development for the Montreal interior design firm.

In fact they had developed over 100 patterns capable of being cut by the artisans, but only 20 were curated to form a coherent ensemble which is hoped, will develop a graceful patina with time.

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