The Mellier

Behind this handsome Beaux-Arts facade in the heart of Mayfair, The Mellier includes five voluminous lateral modern apartments and one extraordinary penthouse overlooking the rooftops of London. Formerly a Buick car showroom in 1930s, the building has been refurbished in 2015 by Eric Parry Architects with Studio Mackereth appointed as Interior Designer and Creative Director for each of the apartments and the lobby - this includes sourcing all fabrics, rugs, lamps, contemporary as well as vintage furniture and works of art. A free-standing folding walnut screen ‘Albemarle’ has been designed especially for this project. 

These lateral apartments benefit from a real sense of scale with spectacular ceiling heights, elegant proportions and dramatic use of light. The client’s brief was to make a brave step away from the usual bland beige formulaic interiors of most speculative residential property developments. In response, our approach was to create luxurious apartment interiors that epitomize Modern Mayfair: bold colourful spaces that flow, settings that are dramatic without being overly formal, effortlessly stylish and unashamedly contemporary homes. 

“It was important that the prospective buyers walk in and can immediately imagine themselves living here. In order to create this sense of ‘home’ we sourced vintage as well as contemporary pieces from all over Europe to create a story, as if the home had evolved over time rather than the bling-yet-lifeless look of most speculative show-homes. We carefully curated a library and also briefed a florist on our overall vision so as to reinforce this sense of a real home” says Sally Mackereth. 

“Is it gorgeous? Sure. Would I like to live there? Yes, please. It’s borderline perfect” writes Giles Hattersley in The Sunday Times

The Mellier is the winner of the World Interior News Award 2015 for the category of Residential Development Interiors.

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