Altesi Ristorante

Within a neoclassical-style building, between 5th Ave and Madison in NYC, in a 210 m2 shop, the interiors were developed for this italo-french restaurant which served lunch and dinner within the restaurant and its terrace. The client wanted to widen his schedule and take advantage of the pedestrian traffic throughout the morning, permitting a new market. The layout included a bread and coffee bar that can be attended without the need of opening the rest of the restaurant.

The space distribution was simplified to the maximum, walls were proposed as part of the cellar and it was integrated within the design. Booths were also suggested and a bar within its own bar to accommodate a greater number of clients.

Referring to the use of materials limiting them to homogenize tones and including a few textures, using marble, different tones of wood, palladium on the ceiling which gives the reflections and the illusion of space amplitude, Completely warm lighting was designed in such a way that it would give repetitive shadows throughout the cellar, some architectural details were accentuated on the bars and the polygonal spaces in which wine is exhibited.

The terrace was ambienced with natural wood wainscoting as a visual finishing in front of an adjoining wall with bare brick which completes the backplane of the property and a small vertical garden that integrates itself with a large neighboring tree.

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