Campagnolo Super Record EPS won 2015 Red Dot Best of the Best Award

New performance standard in electronic shifting

Campagnolo, with its over 80 year history in producing the finest components available for road cycling,  is perhaps one of the most iconic brands the cycling world has ever known. The Campagnolo brand has earned such status through continuous innovation in an effort to both improve the cycling experience for all but also push the limits of performance further with each new development to emerge from its engineering department. Perhaps the best example of this burning desire to explore new territories and discover new and innovative solutions comes in the form of the 2015 version of the Campagnolo Super Record EPS groupset.

Further refinements to the Campagnolo EPS drivetrain have pushed its performance above and beyond what anyone could have envisioned several years ago. Where mechanically operated drivetrains use cables that run from commands to the derailleurs and rely on physical force by the user to pull the gears into their desired position, the electronic drivetrain from Campagnolo permits the cyclist to merely touch a button and change gears instantly and with extreme precision. Super Record EPS even enables the cyclist to make multiple shifts with the slightest push of a button thanks to its MultiShift technology. Effortless shifting with laser-like precision in even the most extreme circumstances is definitely a clear improvement to the cycling experience and is a significant technological performance advantage to those fortunate enough to have Campagnolo EPS on their road racing bike.

However, the 2015 Super Record EPS is much more than fantastic shifting alone. With extremely precise shifting, industry leading motorized actuators and the longest lasting power unit available, the Super Record EPS 2015 groupset is well posed to stay at the top of the podium thanks to its superior electronic and technological characteristics.

The groupset is held in such high regards not only because of its flawless precision transmission but also for its functionally driven design. From the invention of the very first quick release mechanism in the 1930s it has never been enough for a Campagnolo product to be merely functional but rather the product must perform its function flawlessly and do it in a beautiful manner. The importance of design forms a part of the Campagnolo DNA and the Super Record EPS groupset is yet another testament of that very design-driven culture that resides in the Vicenza, Italy factory.

The beautiful form of the Ergopower commands are both ergonomically designed to fit the exact contours of the hand in a safe, firm and comfortable manner as well as placing the controls in a position that are easy to reach from any position. The Campagnolo Super Record EPS commands are recognized and highly lauded for this extreme comfort, ergonomic superiority and ease of use but are sought after also for their beautiful aesthetics in addition to their elegant and sophisticated construction.

The crankset follows the same standard of functional performance design as new solutions to increase rigidity, power transfer and weight savings were met with beautiful new lines that add class to any bike build. The 4 arm spider construction with unique 8 bolt pattern ensures not only phenomenal power transfer, durability and the versatility to accept multiple combinations of chainrings but also gives the component a sleek and original new look.

Perhaps one of the most interesting design aspects of the new groupset comes in the form of a component that can’t be seen once built upon the bike. Campagnolo engineers were able to modify the structure and adapt the design of the power unit and intelligence center of the EPS groupset in such a way that it could actually be built INSIDE the frame. With the power unit nestled safely inside the frame and away from outside elements the overall cleanliness and minimalist aesthetic of the racing bicycle was preserved.

The skilled use of the most advanced materials in each and every component make for the lightest electronic groupset available that despite its featherweight design, is also universally lauded for its rigidity, resistance and durability. Aerospace grade carbon fiber, the highest quality titanium, specially developed aluminum and other sophisticated materials all come together to create a harmonious design that is as functional as it is beautiful.

The 2015 Campagnolo Super Record EPS groupset stands on the shoulders of a long history of products that year after year have pushed the limits of what is possible with regards to mechanical functionality, electronic technology, material development and structural integrity. This one single groupset represents the pinnacle of over 80 years of continuous innovation in the cycling industry and the incorporation of technology envied even outside of the cycling industry. Super Record EPS is in a league all of its own and as such has not only proven its worth in the most prestigious cycling races the world over but also has laid claim to the coveted Red Dot: Best of the Best Award.


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